FSLogix Apps 2.8.4

Skype for Business Global Address List and Device Based Licensing Enhancements

Author: Brandon Lee

What’s new with FSLogix Apps 2.8.4? For starters, we’ve been working with a number of customers that have had issues surrounding the Skype for Business Global Address List (GAL) in non-persistent VDI environments. Check out this BLOG from Solutions Architect and Product Champion, Dave Young, where he dives into a specific example of how FSLogix Office 365 Containers was able to resolve this particular issue.

Office 365 is a mission critical application for a vast number of organizations. This means that their users must have access to the application. Therefore, it seemed prudent to add certain fail safes to the Office 365 Container product to ensure accessibility.

One of the primary use cases for the FSLogix Office 365 Container is to enable Outlook’s cached mode. However on the off chance there is a case where the Office 365 Container fails to attach, Outlook will work in online mode by default, allowing users to continue working while IT resolves the issue at hand.

Troubleshooting issues can often times be a time suck, especially when all of the needed information isn’t readily available. With that being the case, FSLogix Apps 2.8.4 now has logging enabled by default to make troubleshooting even easier. It’s so simple, even a caveman can do it!

Another enhancement to the FSLogix feature set includes Device Based Licensing which allows the ability to:

  • Track assigned/unassigned dates
  • Add minimum assigned time for a device and warn on re-assignment when the time is not yet reached
  • Add licensing report

CLICK HERE to read the latest product documentation surrounding FSLogix Apps 2.8.4

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